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Wayland Town Center: Mixed Use Overlay Project

The 2006 Special Town Meeting approved a Planning Board article, which rezones the Wayland Business Center Property, also known as the Former Raytheon Property, to allow for the development of a mixed-use project.  The Mixed-Use Overlay District Bylaw establishes the parameters of how the property can be developed, establishes the maximum amount of residential, commercial, and municipal space, and established a process for the review and approval of the project.

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Littleton Mixed Use Development IBM

Littleton Town Center: King Street Common 

The new “King Street Common” zoning district consisting of the entire 41-acre parcel at 550 King Street was voted on and passed at Littleton's Special Town Meeting on October 25th, 2021. The King Street Common zoning district will allow comprehensive redevelopment of the site with a mix of uses, including commercial, retail, office, and multifamily residential - including senior housing. The King Street Common district uses elements from the Littleton Common form based code – updated to meet the size and location of the 550 King Street site. The King Street Common district will help the Town meet housing and economic development goals outlined in the 2017 Littleton Master Plan, the 2015 Housing Production Plan, and the 2019 Littleton Common Revitalization Road Map.

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