Historic Preservation Technical Aids

National Standards for Historic Preservation



Rehabilitation is frequently the treatment that is considered most appropriate. 


National Park Service Technical Preservation Services 

The National Park Service offers Technical Preservation Services and Publications useful to historical property owners and local commissioners. 

Massachusetts Historical Commission

The Massachusetts Historical Commission website includes guidance on preservation resources, strategies, review and compliance, such as There's a Difference: Local Historic Districts and National Register Districts, and Effects and Benefits of Listing on the National Register.  

Preservation Massachusetts

Preservation Mass offers helpful Links to Preservation Organizations near and far, a Preservation Directory, workshops, and many other resources. They even host a Preserve Mass Barns program!  

Historic New England

Historic New England's property care department offers papers on preservation topics ranging from building care and maintenance, energy efficiency to paint. 

Concord Historic Districts Commission Design Guidelines

The HDC in Concord has prepared Design Guidelines that are helpful to all Concord property owners, whether your property is located inside or outside a local historic district. If your property is within a historic district, please follow these guidelines and consult with Planning Division staff if you plan changes to your property. 

Cambridge Historical Commission

The architecture of Concord is similar in many ways to that of nearby Cambridge. The Cambridge Historical Commission offers excellent technical publications such as Maintaining Your Historic House in Cambridge and Painting Historic Exteriors: Colors, Application and Regulation. These publications are available for purchase through the Cambridge Historical Commission and for review in the Concord Planning Division. 


Sustainability Guide for Historic Homes in Concord

National Park Service: Technical Preservation Services on Sustainability

Historic Preservation is an inherently sustainable practice. "The greenest building is the one that is already built" succinctly expresses the relationship between preservation and sustainability. 

Historic New England on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy Advice for Owners of Older Homes (EPA) 

Boston Landmarks Commission Resilient Historic Design Guide

Ten Ways to Green Your Historic Home (Alexandria, VA)