2021 Pavement Markings


2021 Pavement Markings

Town Contacts:

Joseph Cormier, Associate Engineer, Concord Public Works (CPW)– Engineering Division, 978-318-3210, jcormier@concordma.gov

Project Overview: 

The Concord Public Work Engineering Division and the Concord Police Department Safety Office implements an annual town-wide pavement markings project. The goal of this project is to renew all pavement markings throughout the Town. This includes repainting all the crosswalks, stop bars, stencils, on street parking stalls, as well as center and fog lines. In an effort to maintain brilliancy and reflectivity throughout the year, selected markings will receive two applications this season based on high volume locations of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Project Schedule:

Atlantic Pavement Markings, Inc, has been awarded the 2021 Pavement Markings contract. Work is scheduled throughout the summer and continuing into late September. Pavement markings in high traffic locations have been prioritized to be re-painted first.

Construction Status: