2020 Road Improvements Program


2020 Road Improvements Program (Contract #2193)

Town Contact:

Stephane Cherduville, Public Works Engineer, Concord Public Works – Engineering Division, 978-318-3210, scherduville@concordma.gov

General Contractor:

Newport Construction Corporation

Project Overview:

The 2020 Roads Program has been contracted to Newport Construction Corporation of Nashua, NH for $455,625.51. The scope of work includes the reclamation and repaving of Park Lane, Lewis Road, Warner Street, and Bedford Court. Additionally, Partridge Lane has been identified to receive a mill and overlay treatment. 

Construction Update:

Construction was originally slated to begin in the fall of 2020, but the Engineering Division has postponed the start of construction until the spring of 2021 due to numerous inquiries and requests from residents to extend or update their utilities in the Right of Way. The requests for additional utility services were brought to the various departments and agencies for consideration.  A meeting with residents of Partridge Lane was recently held to address their concerns. The Engineering Division will work with Newport to extend the contract and further refine the street designs to ensure a quality project in the spring.

Updated 1/25/21