White Pond

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As a kettle pond, White Pond’s shoreline is relatively simple, forming an irregular reniform main basin with only minor coves. However, one larger cove, known locally as “Sachem’s Cove,” forms a nearly separate 1.5-acre basin at the southwestern margin of White Pond where water depths reach over 10 feet. 

The majority of the White Pond shoreline and its approximately 113-acre watershed is occupied by yearround residences, formerly summer camps; large parcels of undeveloped land are present on the southwestern and eastern ends of the pond. The Office of Fishing and Boating Access hosts a public access cartop boat launch and small parking lot on the eastern end of the pond. Additional public shoreline access exists through land owned by the Town on the southwestern end of the pond and a public beach operated by Concord Recreation on the eastern end of the pond. 

Information from White Pond Watershed Management