2019 Roads Program

2019 Roads Program

Contract # 2167 – 2019 Roads Program

Town Contact:
Nathan Chin, PE, Public Works Engineer

Concord Public Works – Engineering Division, 978-318-3210, nchin@concordma.gov

General Contractor:
Lazaro Paving Corporation - Shirley, Massachusetts

James Fenton & Sons, Inc. - Acton, Massachusetts

Project Background:
The goal of the Town’s annual roads program is to recommend adequate investment in the Town’s 107 mile roadway network to ensure the network does not deteriorate to a point which would result in more costly periodic repairs.  Utility improvement opportunities are also identified and implemented within the roads program when appropriate. This can include drainage replacements or enhancements, water main and sewer main replacements and/or private utility expansions from National Grid (gas main), Verizon (Broadband internet/cable), etc.

Project Overview:
As part of the 2019 Roads Program, four streets throughout Town are scheduled to receive a mill and overlay treatment to recondition the road.  This year’s road program is valued at approximately $757,000 and includes drainage repair and sidewalk reconstruction.

Scope of Work:
The roadway improvements will include a mill and overlay treatment which involves the mechanical milling of the top one and one-half inches of existing asphalt pavement and its re-pavement on the following streets:

  1. Monument Street (Balls Hill Road to Townline)
  2. Old Marlboro Road (ORNAC to Harrington Avenue)
  3. Sudbury Road (Heath’s Bridge Road to 7 Star Lane)
  4. Walden Street (Hubbard Street to Heywood Street)

Work will also include the replacement of five existing catch basins, installation of two proposed leaching basins, installation of 15 curb ramps, reconstruction of existing sidewalk (Old Marlboro Road and Walden Street) and appurtenant work. 

Project Schedule:
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