CMLP Can Help

  • At no cost to you, CMLP’s engineering services will produce a property-wide, long term infrastructure plan to meet growing EV charging needs that can be implemented in phases over time. That means you’ll be ready to incorporate phases of your plan into other property improvement projects, such as repaving or broadband installation, to make it more affordable.
  • The plan will ensure that any charging infrastructure you install can be upgraded as the number of EV owners grows, rather than having to be scrapped and replaced. That’s less expensive and less disruptive.
  • CMLP’s engineering services will prepare infrastructure cost estimates for your use in budget planning.
  • The infrastructure designs will include detailed specifications and plans that you can use to request construction bids.
  • CMLP will provide a total of $75,000 in financial incentives for installation across 3 pilot participants. The funding can be used for equipment and installation costs. Ownership of shared charging stations must be transferred to CMLP in order to receive funding for shared charging infrastructure.
  • CMLP will select three multi-dwelling units with 5 or more units to participate in the pilot program. Click below to learn more about the application process before starting your application. Apply by December 10, 2019 to be an EV Ready Pilot Program participant.