Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure at Multi-Dwelling Units

Why is It Important?

  • Consumer interest in EVs is growing fast, and EV charging is an amenity that current and potential residents will look for. In fact, online listings for apartment and condo shoppers are already including EV charging as an amenity where it exists.
  • In real estate, investment decisions affect the infrastructure that residents live with for 10, 20 or 30 years. CMLP projects that 10% of cars in Concord will be electric by 2025 and over 25% by 2030. Now is the time to plan for growth in EV ownership among your residents.
  • 37% of Concord’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. Transitioning from gasoline to electrically powered cars and sourcing our electricity from carbon-free power is key to reaching our goal of 80% fewer carbon emissions by 2050.

CMLP offers two programs to help apartment buildings and condominium associations install electric vehicle charging infrastructure: 

EV Ready Pilot Program

CMLP is providing free engineering services to lay out an infrastructure plan that can be installed over time to meet growing EV charging needs, and financial incentives to help cover installation costs for the first phase. CMLP will select three multi-dwelling units with 5 or more living units to participate in the pilot program.

Apply by December 10, 2019 to be an EV Ready Pilot Program participant.

Shared Charger Program

CMLP will install, own and operate one shared EV charging station on your site for use by your residents. Certain conditions apply.

Multi-dwelling units may participate in the EV Ready Pilot Program or the Shared Charger Program, but not both. Read more about these programs and decide which is right for you.