About us


The mission of Minuteman Media Network (MMN) is to enable the citizens of Concord and Carlisle to learn, listen and communicate through television and web-based media services. As an integral service in the community, MMN endeavors to manage and improve upon its electronic forum in order to encourage the free exchange of information and ideas of our citizenry.

About Us:

Minuteman Media Network (MMN), your local cable access station is a part of the Public Information Division under the Concord Town Manager's Office.  Funding for MMN comes from a portion of Comcast cable bills which is provided for Public, Education, and Government (PEG) television programming. This PEG funding allows local television services to the Towns of Concord and Carlisle showcasing what is happening in your community.

If you live in Concord or Carlisle you have the ability to request programming, borrow equipment to film your own production, submit your own works of art to be shown on television, and work with MMN staff to create the masterpiece you've always dreamed of. 

The staff of MMN is excited to work with you and we welcome your feedback - help us make MMN more useful for YOU!

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What does that mean - film and video terms explained
content creation - have a seat in the directors chair

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to use the studio?
No! The studio is completely free for Concord and Carlisle community members to use. 

Where does the studio's funding come from?
The money for PEG is funded through Comcast cable from a small surcharge added to cable bills each month. This money helps your community produce community programs for public, education, and government programs.

Who can use the studio?
Any person who lives in Concord or Carlisle is welcome to use the studio.

How do I know if I'm watching a program from PEG/Minuteman Media Network?
If you are watching channel 8, 9, or 99 on Comcast you are watching your community television. If you're watching online through our website or youtube, you may notice our logo in the corner of the screen.

Where is the studio located?
The studio is located at 500 Walden Street, the Concord Carlisle Regional High School. The studio has a separate entrance around the back of the school on the left side of the building (as you drive up). Our logo is on the door to make it easy to find.

Do I have to take a class to use the equipment?
No, you will be given a run-down on how to use our equipment and proper procedure to check it out, but there is no class required. This is because all cameras, microphones, etc are different; we can help take the learning curve out of the equation to provide you with the best user experience. 

What if I have an idea for a program?
If you have an idea for a program, we'd love to hear it. We will help you to create a program on your own, with a little help, or see if a staff member has time to create the program for you.

I have a live event that I want to have recorded - what do I do?
If you have a live event request, please fill out a request form as far in advance as possible. Events are filmed as staff and equipment are available.

I have an event I want to have filmed that is not in Concord or Carlisle, is that something MMN can help me with?
MMN is more than happy to teach you how to use the equipment and lend our equipment out for your event, but do not send our staff on trips to film events outside of Concord and Carlisle.