GHG Emissions

Concord’s climate goals of reducing community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 were established at 2017 Annual Town Meeting. 

Read more about our sustainability goals and history here.

A greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is the standard approach to measuring community-wide GHG emissions. Concord's most recent GHG Inventory is for the year 2019. This inventory was completed in March 2021. Two previous GHG inventories were conducted for years 2008 and 2016 using the Global Protocol for Cities.

To learn how we're doing toward meeting our goals, check out the   2019 Progress Report on Community GHG Emissions.


You can find additional details on progress toward our goals in the 2019 Progress Report on Community GHG Emissions.


We need to take additional action to meet our goals.

In 2020, Concord released its first climate action and resilience plan, Sustainable Concord, with 22 priority actions. 

The more we mitigate our carbon emissions, the less we have to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Learn more about our climate resilience efforts.

Sustainability is a team effort. Let's to work together to reduce our emissions.

Are you a Concord resident? 

Reduce your carbon footprint at home and on the move. Get involved in the community and share with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Are you a Concord business?

Reduce emissions, cut costs, and contribute to our sustainability goals. And let us know how we can best work together.


Check out the 2019 Progress Report on Community GHG Emissions to see how we're making progress toward Concord's climate goals.  

Concord's 2019 GHG Inventory is the latest accounting of Concord's greenhouse gas emissions.

Concord also completed a wedge analysis in Jan. 2019 to analyze the emissions reduction potential of 5 actions - changes to vehicles standards, electric vehicle incentives, air-source heat pump incentives, energy efficient buildings, and zero carbon electricity.