Where can I charge my EV in town?

Each of the Town-owned charging stations (numbers 1-4 and 7-9 below) can charge 2 EVs simultaneously.  From 2 PM to 7 PM on weekdays only, the cost to charge is $3.40 per hour (or portion thereof). During all other hours, including all day on weekends, the cost to charge is $1.60 per hour. Fees apply for as long as the car is parked - whether the battery is actively charging or fully charged.  Cars may use these spots for a 4 hour maximum and use the Chargepoint app (https://www.chargepoint.com) or a credit card for payment.  Please contact CMLP (concordutilities@concordma.gov or (978) 318-3101) if any of these stations are not functioning.  Please contact the Concord Police Department ((978) 318-3400) if any of these charging stations are blocked by an illegally parked vehicle - for instance a car that has no charging capabilities.  

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