EV Miles Program

Program your EV. Receive 1,000 to 2,200 miles of charging per year.

EV Miles participants program their electric vehicles to charge off-peak and receive a monthly bill credit for their participation. Any Concord resident that drives an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, and has a CMLP residential account can participate. Read the program rules on this page, then click the link below to enroll.

Program Rules:

- Participants must have a CMLP residential electric account.

- Only new and used Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) plug-in electric light duty, highway capable passenger vehicles are eligible for enrollment. (Fuel cell vehicles, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, neighborhood vehicles or conversion or hobbyist EVs are not eligible.)

- Participants must program their electric vehicle or home charger to start charging after 10 PM and end charging by 12 noon, Monday through Friday. Participants may charge 24 hours a day on weekends.

- Participants attest that they programmed their vehicles to charge off-peak, and that they will abide by all program rules.

- Participants agree to release their electric meter or electric vehicle charger data, where available, for the purposes of the program.

- Drivers of all-electric vehicles will receive a $10 monthly credit; drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles will receive $5 monthly.

How to Enroll:

- Find your vehicle identification number (VIN), and, if you have one, your charger serial number

- Please click here to complete the enrollment form. It should take less than 10 minutes.

- We will verify your information and confirm your enrollment via email

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join EV Miles?
Program your car or charger to charge only during off-peak hours: 10 PM to 12 noon, Monday through Friday and anytime on weekends. Complete the online EV Miles Enrollment Form. You will receive an email to let you know when your enrollment has been approved.

My family has more than one EV. May I enroll each EV in the EV Miles Program?

There is a shared EV charging station located on-site for use by all residents at the multi-dwelling unit property where I live. May I enroll in the EV Miles Program?
You may enroll in the EV Miles Program if you have installed a Level 2 charging system for your exclusive use at your parking space. You must document your Level 2 charging system installation by applying for and receiving an EV Level 2 Rebate from CMLP before you enroll in the EV Miles Program. 

How do I program my vehicle?
If you need help programming your vehicle, contact the Concord Drives Electric EV Support Specialists via our toll-free support line (833-433-8363) or via a support request.

Why does CMLP offer the EV Miles Program?
By charging your EV during off-peak hours, you help reduce peak demand charges incurred by CMLP, keeping all customers’ bills lower. Peak demand charges refer to the extra cost for electricity during weekday afternoons and early evenings, when there is the greatest call for electricity throughout the regional electric grid.

I’m already on CMLP’s Residential Time of Use Rate (TOU Rate) for EV charging. May I participate in the EV Miles Program also?
You may subscribe to CMLP’s TOU Rate or participate in the EV Miles Program, but not both. If you have not already incurred the expense associated with installing a second meter in order to subscribe to the TOU rate for EV charging, the EV Miles Program will be more financially advantageous and easier to participate in.

What if I need to charge on-peak in an emergency?
You may charge during the daytime (weekdays, 12 PM to 10 PM) up to 3 times each month, in case of emergency, with the following exception: CMLP will enroll all EV Miles Program participants in our peak demand reduction Google group, which will allow us to send you an email when peak demand is predicted – typically on several hot weekday afternoons or early evenings from June 1st through September 15th each year. If you receive a peak demand reduction notification, you may not charge on-peak for emergency purposes during the time periods described in the notification.

How does CMLP determine whether EV Miles Program participants are charging off peak?
By monitoring electricity usage data.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
If you have questions about enrolling in EV Miles, contact Laura Scott at lscott@concordma.gov or 978-318-3102.

If you have questions about the EV buying process, see The Town of Concord’s EV Buying guide or contact the Concord Drives Electric EV Support Specialists by submitting a support request or by calling our toll free EV support line at 1-833-443-8363.

If you have questions about the Time of Use Rate, or if the EV Miles program is the right choice for you, contact Laura Scott at lscott@concordma.gov or 978-318-3102.

My business has a commercial CMLP electric account. May my business participate in the EV Miles Program, as long as we charge our company’s EV during off-peak hours?
Please contact CMLP at lscott@concordma.gov or 978-318-3102. CMLP would like to learn more about your specific situation so that we can determine if the EV Miles Program can be expanded to accommodate our business customers.