Getting Around Concord

As part of Sustainable Concord's goal to Increase use of public transportation and other low-carbon and no-carbon transportation options, we are committed to facilitating and promoting the use of alternative and multi-modal methods of transportation that would contribute to reaching our mobility and transportation goals.

Sustainable Concord Mobility goal icon - has a pedestrian, vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle & train.

Goal: Everyone has access to zero-carbon transportation options to commute and get around Concord.

  • Increase use of public transportation and other low-carbon and no-carbon transportation options.
  • Accelerate adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Implement a long-term plan to electrify school and municipal vehicle fleets.
  • Improve availability, accessibility, and connections between bicycling and walking paths and sidewalks.

Fewer Trips by Car = Good for Your Pocket & the Environment!

The average passenger car produces significant heat trapping gases (CO2 emissions) that contribute to global warming.

Did you know that older cars are usually less fuel efficient? You can learn about how many miles per gallon your car goes on average with the Find a Car fuel economy tool, and learn about some fuel-saving tips. Click on this link to find out how much can fuel inefficiency cost you, and click on the following link to try the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Car emissions infographic comparing emissions of cars with cellphone charges

The best tip for your pocket and the environment is reducing how often you are using your car! Below you can learn about some other transportation options available to you in Concord.


Scenic view of North Bridge


Person riding a bike from Concord's bike share


Side photo of the Concord Trolley on a sunny day.

Complete Streets Program

complete street infographic showing measurements in street design

Image source: Town of Maynard MA

Whether you get around Concord by walking, biking, or using public transit, the concept of complete streets is relevant for everyone's mobility and safety.

{...} Concord will advance its efforts to create a transportation network that provides safety and accessibility for all users of our roadways, trails, and transit systems, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, motorists, freight and commercial vehicles, and emergency vehicles. Concord recognizes that Complete Streets can increase everyday physical activity by enabling additional walking and bicycling by its residents and visitors. The Town’s Complete Streets Policy will be applied in decision-making for related infrastructure planning and construction. (Concord Public Works)

Learn more about the town's work on complete streets by following this link.