Firearms Disposal / Donation

 The Concord Police Department would like to provide this information should residents have a firearm(s) or ammunition you wish to dispose of. Often, we are called upon to assist residents when they have firearms or ammunition they no longer wish to keep. Sometimes people come into contact with these items while assisting an aging family member with moving, or they simply no longer want them. Whatever the case may be, the Concord Police Department will assist you through a simple process.

 Download the firearms donation form and complete it, prior to surrendering any firearm or ammunition. The form may be found by clicking the following link. Firearm Disposal / Donation Form

 The quickest and easiest way to safely dispose of the firearm or ammunition is simply to call the non-emergency police dispatch number (978-318-3400), and request an officer respond to your home. Leave the weapon in a safe location and direct the officer to it. The officer will ensure the gun is unloaded and rendered safe before taking possession of it.

 Some residents would prefer to deliver the gun or ammunition to their local police station. While this is not the preferred method, it is acceptable. If you choose to bring the weapon to a station, we ask that you please follow these simple steps:

 The preferred method is to email Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Young, or call  978-318-3408 to arrange a date and time for disposal. Ensure the weapon is unloaded and place it in the trunk or rear of your vehicle, separate from any ammunition. Make sure you have your driver’s license or identification with you as well. When you arrive at the station, leave the weapon or ammunition secured in your vehicle. Please do not bring the weapon into the police station!

 Once you speak with the front desk, an officer will be take a police report and take possession of the gun or ammunition.

 Please remember to utilize safety rules when handling any weapon. You should treat every weapon as if it is loaded. Always keep it pointed in a safe direction and keep your finger off the trigger. If you are not comfortable handling the weapon or are unsure of how to make it safe, please use our preferred method and have a sworn police officer respond to your home.

  We hope you find this information helpful should you need our assistance.

Thank You.