Municipal employees are required under Massachusetts General Law (Section 28 of Chapter 26) to complete an on-line training program within 30 days of hire date and again every 2 years thereafter.  The following links provide more information on the law and the required training:

Conflict of Interest Law Summary
Conflict of Interest Law Training Notice & Instructions

Conflict of Interest Online Training

Municipal employees must file Conflict of Interest Disclosures in situations which may result in the appearance of favoritism or influence.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Instructions
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

The State Ethics Commission offers free legal advice about how the law applies to you in a particular situation; the advice is confidential in most circumstances. You may request advice by calling the “Attorney-of-the-Day” at 617-371-9500.  You also have the option of requesting advice online or via letter; information regarding this option is available at the State Ethics Commission website.