Site Plan Reviews

Consistent with the Town of Concord Stormwater Regulations, projects not requiring approval through a Town Board or Commission, but disturbing 1 or more acres of land will be reviewed by Concord Public Works for conformance to with the Public Works Design Standards and Details and Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) NPDES Phase II permit requirements.

A Storm Water Management Plan and/or Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan required by the Standards shall be submitted as part of the application for a building permit. If no building permit is required for the activity, the plans required by the Standards shall be submitted to Concord Public Works, to the attention of the Town Engineer.

Public comments on each project will be accepted for 10 days. The plans required by the standards shall be made available for inspection at the Concord Public Works (CPW) - Engineering Division office during normal business hours for public review during the 10 day comment period.

Notice of the availability of the project's plans shall be posted on this website and at the Town Clerk's office. The projects posted on this website will contain a post date and a comment due date. A decision memo will then be placed on this website following the technical review by Concord Public Works.

Any questions on this plan review process or the NPDES Phase II Stormwater Program can be directed to the Town Engineer, William Renault at 978-318-3210 or by email.