Water Use Restriction Variance

Concord Public Works is currently working on developing a Water Use Restriction Variance program for individual properties that can demonstrate that a particular level of water use restriction could result in an undue hardship.  
 To qualify, applicants must demonstrate that;

  • The irrigation system is registered and has been signed by the current owners,
  • the irrigation system has been optimized to reduce water use water use to the maximum extent practicable,
  • there are at least 6-inches of high quality loam on the site,
  • drought tolerant plantings and grass seed are utilized,
  • the system is equipped with a Reduced Pressure Zone Back Flow Device, and
  • a Smart WiFi-based controller with weather auto-adjusting capabilities is installed.  

Variances will be conditional upon the level of water supply emergency in effect and will not be issued for landscaping installed in the months of June, July and August.  In all cases, variances shall require a formal request and a formal approval. 

For more information please contact Melissa, Senior Environmental and Regulatory Coordinator at 978-318-3250.