Polystyrene Education and Outreach Committee


To conduct an outreach strategy and materials to effectively educate restaurant owners,  grocery stores, retail outlets and residents about the intent and conditions of the polystyrene ban. Specifically, the committee is will research alternative non-polystyrene products;determine the cost of the alternative products vs. polystyrene products; examine the life cycle cost and environmental benefits of alternative products vs. polystyrene; and conduct public outreach to food service establishments to inform establishments about alternative products.

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Polystyrene Bylaw Information Meeting 12/7/16

The Polystyrene Education and Outreach Committee has scheduled an information meeting for businesses and residents. The information meeting will be held in the Hearing Room at the Town House (22 Monument Square) on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, @ 7:00PM. There will be ample time for any questions pertaining to the bylaw.

Members Title Contact
Scott Richardson Chair Email
Nancy Kerr Member  
Topher Buck Member  
Mark Myles Member  
Stephan Bader Member  
Alice Kaufman Select Board Liaison