History of GIS in Concord


​Town’s Long Range Plan includes a recommendation to build a Town-wide GIS program.

​GIS Needs Analysis and Assessment conducted, to determine “How can GIS help Town staff do what they do better and faster?”

First aerial photography flyover providing numerous GIS layers, including fire hydrants, manholes, catch basins, stone walls, fences, wet areas, light poles, building footprints and paved areas. From these layers the existing assessor's tax maps were converted to a digital format.

1996 – 1999
Public Access Kiosks set up in the Town House and the Department of Planning & Land Management Office, guiding users through the process of searching for and mapping properties, and printing maps as required for submitting information to various Town boards.

Abutters program developed, allowing Town staff to quickly and easily create a list of abutters to a specific address, which were then used to provide notification to residents of construction and development projects and public meetings.

​GIS Coordinator position created and filled.

WebGIS program developed and brought on-line. The site won third place in ESRI’s nation-wide Geography Network Challenge.

Concord’s WebGIS site transitioned to MapsOnline.

​GIS Needs Assessment Update.

2007, 2013, 2015
​Additional aerial photography flyovers.

Developed Master Address Table.

GIS Needs Assessment Update and Strategic Plan developed.

Transitioned to a common, town-wide GIS Data Library.

​GIS Program Manager and GIS Technician positions filled.

First Pictometry aerial photography flyover, including both overhead and oblique (North / South / East / West) views, with 3" resolution.

Transition to Enterprise geodatabase, supporting web map and data services via ArcGIS Online

First NearMap subscription for aerial surveys, three per year