Parking Tickets


All payments should be made per the instructions of Plymouth County. Tickets can be paid in person at the Plymouth County Treasurer's Office by check, money order, or exact cash amount. Their address is 60 Industrial Park Road, Plymouth, MA. Payments may also be made online here.

If your ticket is marked by the Registry of Motor Vehicles please contact the Town's parking ticket vendor, Plymouth County at 508-830-9140.

You may be wondering why you are paying Plymouth County for a parking ticket that was issued in Concord, MA. In 1982, the County of Plymouth began offering services to computerize parking tickets for municipalities within and outside Plymouth County. Beginning in 2022, Concord contracted with the County of Plymouth to perform parking ticket processing services on the Town’s behalf.


Appeal and Hearing Process

 All parking ticket appeals should be sent to the Treasurer / Collector’s office with valid contact information, and must be received within 21 days of the issuance of the ticket. Appeals will then be reviewed by the Parking Officer. If they are not voided they will be reviewed again at a Parking Ticket Hearing. Person's appealing a ticket will be notified whether their ticket has been voided or if it is going to be reviewed at the hearing. Hearings occur on the first Thursday of every even numbered month between 12PM and 2PM. Attendance is optional. If you choose not to attend you will receive a letter of determination in the mail. The decision made by the Hearing Officer is the final decision of the Town. If the ticket is deemed valid, it must be paid within 21 days of the hearing to avoid additional fees.


Appeal Form

To appeal a ticket please fill out the appeal form and return it to the Treasurer / Collector's office within 21 days of the issuance of the ticket. View appeal form here.