Patriots' Day Parade

2021 Event 

Please note that the 2021 Patriots Day Events have been moved to being virtual this year. Stay tuned for details!

Spirit of Concord flyer, month of April decorate your house
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Minuteman Media Network's Virtual Patriots Day Activities April 19th, 2021:

April 18, Sunday

8pm. Patriot Vigil
-Youtube -
Air Concord & Carlisle Public Channel 8

April 19, Monday

6am. 2021 Virtual Patriots Day Celebration
-Youtube -

7am. Patriots Day Past
-Youtube -
Air on Concord & Carlisle Channels 8, 9, & 99

8am. 2021 Virtual Patriots Day Celebration
-Youtube -
Air on Concord & Carlisle Channels 8, 9, & 99

9am. A Day to be Remembered by Prof William Fowler
-Youtube -
Air on Concord & Carlisle Channels 8, 9, & 99

10am. Our Tangible Past
-Youtube -
Air on Concord & Carlisle Channels 8, 9, & 99


Patriots Day programs will be available on or on channel 8, 9, and 99.

Event Layout

The Patriots' Day Parade goes forward rain, snow or muck and covers a route of approximately 2.5 miles.

Participants include:
  • Color Guards
  • Cultural and Youth Groups
  • Dignitaries
  • Minuteman Companies
  • Musicians

Dignitaries are from neighboring towns, the State, the nation, and several foreign countries with ties to Concord.

At the North Bridge there is a ceremony to commemorate the engagement between the Minuteman companies and British troops with a wreath laying ceremony. The parade continues across the North Bridge and returns to Concord Center.