Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee

Please note that this committee has disbanded after fulfilling its commitment to the Town.

This committee's minutes and agendas have been archived, please contact the Town Clerk's Office for any copies of minutes and agendas.

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The Final Envision Concord Plan

The Final Envision Concord-Bridge to 2030 Comprehensive Long Range Plan was adopted by the Planning Board on July 24, 2018 and accepted by the Select Board on July 30, 2018. Below is a link to the complete Plan (a very large file to download) and then links to each Section (smaller files that are easier to download), The Final Plan will also be printed in the next week and can be reviewed at the Main Library, Fowler Library, Town Clerk's office and the Planning Division office.

  1. Envision Concord - A Bridge to 2030
  2. Cover - Exec Summary - TOC - Glossary - Intro
  3. Section 1 - Demographics-Trends and Vision for the Future
  4. Section 2 - The Vision in Practice
  5. Section 3 - Big Ideas for Integrated Planning
  6. Section 4.1 Cultural-Historic Plan Elements
  7. Section 4.2 Economic Vitality Plan Element
  8. Section 4.3 Housing Plan Element
  9. Section 4.4 - Plan Elements Land Use + Zoning
  10. Section 4.5 Mobility-Transportation Plan Element
  11. Section 4.6 Open Space-Natural Resources Plan Element
  12. Section 4.7 Public Facilities-Infrastructure Plan Element
  13. Section 4.8 Fiscal Planning Plan Element
  14. Section 5 - Implementation Actions
  15. Appendices Cover
  16. APPENDIX A - Table Of Contents
  17. APPENDIX A-1 Town of Concord Historic Districts
  18. APPENDIX A-2 Zoning
  19. APPENDIX A-3 Transportation and Circulation
  20. APPENDIX A-4 Open Space and Public Access
  21. APPENDIX A-5 Potential Shared Parking Opportunity Sites
  22. APPENDIX A-6 Previously Identified Housing Opportunities
  23. APPENDIX A-7 Land Use by Tax Assessment Category
  24. APPENDIX A-8 West Concord Village Center Graphic Master Plan
  25. APPENDIX A-9 Smart Growth Analysis Areas
  26. APPENDIX A-10 2015 OSRP Flood Zone Map
  27. APPENDIX A-11 Temporary Parking Map for Concord Center
  28. APPENDIX A-12 Open Space Framework (Key Areas)
  29. APPENDIX A-13 2017 OSRP Seven-Year Action Map
  30. APPENDIX A-14 Ponds and Water Bodies
  31. APPENDIX A-15 Concord Water Supply Map
  32. APPENDIX A-16 Existing Sidewalks and Trails Map
  33. APPENDIX A-17 School Locations rev20180730
  34. APPENDIX B-1 - TOC-Community Participation Public Comments
  35. APPENDIX B-2 - Community Participation Envision Concord Committee Summaries
  36. APPENDIX B-3 - Community Participation Town Comments
  37. APPENDIX B-4 - Community Participation Survey Results
  38. APPENDIX C - Existing Public Facilities List
  39. APPENDIX D - Smart Growth Analysis Supplement rev20180730
  40. APPENDIX E - Mobility-Transportation Supplement

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. View most recent Agendas and Minutes.


  • John Boynton, Member-at-Large (Clerk)
  • Margaret Briggs, Concord Municipal Light Plant
  • James Bryant, Member-at-Large
  • Jane Hotchkiss, Select Board ex-officio
  • Peter Hunter, Recreation Commission
  • Wally Johnston, School Committee
  • Gary Kleiman, Planning Board (Co-Chair)
  • Barron Lambert, Member-at-Large
  • Barbara Morse, Concord Housing Development Corporation
  • Sharyn Lenhart, Council on Aging
  • Nick Pappas, Public Works Commission
  • Wade Rubenstein, Member-at-Large
  • Elise Woodward, Historical Commission (Co-Chair)
  • Judith Zaunbrecher, Natural Resources Commission