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1. What are RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates)?
2. Why is CMLP switching to monthly billing?
3. Will my water/sewer bill be changed to monthly billing too?
4. I have a payment plan that I pay bi-monthly. How will switching to monthly affect my bill and the amount I have to pay?
5. How will switching to monthly bills affect my direct debit payment?
6. I now receive my bi-monthly bill on the 10th of the month. Will this change when I switch to monthly bills?
7. When can I expect to receive my last bi-monthly bill?
8. How will I know when my account has been switched to monthly billing? Will I be notified before this happens?
9. Have electric rates changed?
10. Do you still offer any rebates?
11. Do you offer discounted rates for senior citizens?
12. Do you offer a low-income discount rate?
13. What is the meter charge?
14. How is energy use calculated for my bill?
15. Where can I pay my bill?
16. Who do I call for account information or about billing?
17. Can I pay with a credit or debit card?