Special Services

Photo of colorful greeting cards in the Harvey

Harvey's Treasure Chest

The gift shop is located at Harvey Wheeler Community Center and is open Monday through Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Small household items, cards, and gifts are available at bargain prices. All proceeds go to supporting activities and services at the Council on Aging.

Medical Equipment

We have a closet full of Durable medical equipment available for loan at no charge to seniors. If you need equipment for just a few weeks or on a permanent basis, please call the COA to see if we have something available for your use.

Ask a Lawyer

Six months out of the year, an attorney specializing in elder law volunteers at the COA on the last Thursday of the month. Please call the COA for the schedule of visits and to book your free 30 minute consultation.

Eyeglass Cleaning

Optician Alex Thayer comes the last Wednesday of each month to clean and make minor adjustments or repairs free of charge. Call the COA at 978-318-302 for more information.