Commercial Lighting Participation New Construction

How to Participate

Step 1: Lighting Design

Have an architect or lighting contractor prepare an energy efficient lighting design for your new space.
All equipment and installations must comply with CMLP's Lighting Program Technology Requirements (PDF). Outdoor lighting and outdoor lighting controls are not eligible for rebates.

Step 2: Select Calculation Method

Select the building area method or the space-by-space method to determine the code-mandated interior power lighting allowance. Each method can be used for projects involving the entire building, or projects involving a single independent and separate occupancy in a multi-occupancy building. All lighting in the building or separate occupancy must be included in the calculations.

Both the Stretch Code adopted by the Town of Concord and the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC 2012) allow additional wattage for certain spaces when using the Space-by-Space method. Therefore, using the Space-by-Space method could increase your rebate. The relevant Energy Code for your building depends on the building type and size. The tables displaying Interior Power Lighting Allowances for the Building Area Method and for the Space-by-Space Method have been excerpted from the relevant codes and are available at the links below.

Interior Power Lighting Allowances

Note: (*) Indicate on your rebate application which option you have chosen to comply with, and submit official documentation of your choice with your application.
Size / Type Building Area Method Space-by-Space Method
Buildings less than 5,000 square foot
IECC 2012 Table C405.5.2 (1) (PDF) IECC 2012 Table C405.5.2 (2) (PDF)
Buildings 5,000 square foot to 40,000 square foot that are supermarkets, warehouses, laboratories or specialized use buildings excepted thru appeal to BBRS. IECC 2012 Table C405.5.2 (1) (PDF) IECC 2012 Table C405.5.2 (2) (PDF)
Buildings greater than 40,000 square foot that are supermarkets, warehouses or laboratories and additions to such buildings greater than or equal to 30% of existing conditioned floor area. Stretch Energy Code Table 505.5.2:Interior Power Lighting Allowances (PDF) or Table 507.2.2: Reduced Interior Power Allowances (PDF) (*)
Stretch Energy Code Table 505.5.2 (PDF)
Other Buildings 5,000 to 100,000 square foot.
Stretch Energy Code Table 505.5.2 (PDF) Stretch Energy Code Table 505.5.2 (PDF)
Buildings greater than 100,000 square foot.
Stretch Energy Code Table 505.5.2 (PDF) Stretch Energy Code Table 505.5.2 (PDF)

Step 3: Rebate Application

Request a rebate from CMLP for your lighting upgrade by submitting a Rebate Application (Excel) and signed Rebate Terms and Conditions (included in application) to CMLP. Rebate funding will not be provided without CMLP approval of application prior to installation.

If you use one of CMLP's pre-qualified contractors assess your lighting, they will complete the rebate application for you, if you would like. Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis while funds last.

Step 4: Installation

Have your new lighting/controls installed.

Step 5: Post-Installation Inspection

CMLP may choose to verify the new lighting/controls installed at your facility.

Step 6: Submit Completion Paperwork

Submit all completed paperwork to CMLP for payment of rebate:

Step 7: Receive Your Rebate

The rebate can also be directed to your contractor to help you with cash flow.

For any additional information or for questions contact Pamela Cady, Energy Specialist at CMLP at 978-318-3149 or by email.