Commercial Lighting Program Participation

How to Participate

Step 1: Assessment

Have a lighting contractor assess your existing indoor and/or outdoor lighting and recommend more efficient fixtures, lamps, and/or controls.
Concord Ligh Efficiency Business and Lighting Programs
To complete this step, you may choose to have the assessment done by:
All equipment and installations must comply with CMLP's lighting program technology requirements (included in rebate application, below).

Step 2: Rebate Application

Request a rebate from CMLP for your lighting upgrade by submitting a Rebate Application (Excel) and signed Rebate Terms and Conditions (included in rebate application) to CMLP. Rebate funding will not be provided without CMLP approval of application prior to installation.

If you use one of CMLP's pre-qualified contractors to assess your lighting, they will complete the rebate application for you, if you would like. Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis while funds last.

Step 3: Pre-Installation Inspection

CMLP may choose to verify the existing lighting at your facility.

Step 4: Installation

Have your new lighting/controls installed.

Step 5: Submit Completion Paperwork

Submit all completed paperwork to CMLP for payment of rebate:

Step 6: Post-Installation Inspection

CMLP may choose to verify the new lighting/controls installed at your facility.

Step 7: Receive Your Rebate

The rebate can also be directed to your contractor to help you with cash flow.

For any additional information or for questions contact Pamela Cady, Energy Specialist at CMLP at 978-318-3149 or by email.