Reducing Concord's Peak Demand

We hope you will join our efforts to help reduce the Town’s summer electrical peak and the cost of electricity to all Concordians. To help, you can follow us on Twitter @CMLPmedia or join our Google Group (CMLP-CAP) to receive notification when peak demand is expected. By reducing our electric use during peak hours, everyone benefits with lower electric rates and a cleaner environment as the least efficient electric generating plants operate during peaks in order to provide enough capacity.

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Summer Peak Demand 

  • The summer peak demand season is June 1st - August 31st. 
  • The defining peak demand hour is determined by the highest hourly peak for all of New England which is as easy to predict as the weather.
  • That one hour occurs on a hot weekday afternoon sometime in June through August usually between the hours of 2 PM - 6 PM.  
  • Fifteen percent of your electric bill is directly related to the amount of electricity Concord uses for that one hour during the entire year.

Reduce Electric Use During the Peak

We ask you to voluntarily reduce electric use when peak electric demand is predicted. We will send out an email notification the day before to all Google Group members when it appears that a possible peak hour may occur. We will also post to Twitter on the day when a peak is expected.

You can help by postponing the use of appliances like washers and dryers until later in the day, shutting off pool pumps for a few hours, raising the setting on your air conditioning thermostat a few degrees, or even cooking dinner on the grill instead of the stove. For more ways to reduce electricity, read more...

Share your Ideas

Do you have more ways to reduce electricity usage on peak demand days? Let us know by emailing your ideas to so we can share your ideas. 

Share the Word

Follow CMLP on Twitter @CMLPmedia. Also, family and friends in Concord can subscribe to the Google Group by sending an email with the subject and body blank to the Google Group subscription address.Google Groups will reply requesting verification of the request. This is a one-way email system so members can only receive emails from this site. 

Thank you for helping to reduce the summer peak demand and keep Concord’s electric rates competitive.