Concord Light Broadband

Thank you for your interest in Broadband from CMLP. We are committed to providing high-quality Internet service in Concord at competitive prices.

Connecting New Customers

To get started with the fastest Internet in Concord, residents and businesses can check availability and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by completing the Online Broadband Application form. You can also contact Customer Service at 978-318-3101 or by email.

Email Updates

We provide updates on the progress of Concord Light Broadband on this web page and via email to those who have signed up for email updates.

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Broadband Equipment

What Differentiates Concord Light Broadband?

No other provider currently operating in Concord has a 100% fiber optic solution. This solution is technically superior in terms of speed and reliability. CMLP offers Internet service in a manner consistent with the values and approach used to deliver electricity to Concord.

Community Commitment

Broadband from CMLP will be reliable, affordable and priced so as to provide a modest sustainable rate of return which adequately maintains the capital plant and protects Concord’s community interests. CMLP believes that this combination of technology and commitment will be attractive to many customers.

Installation Project Nearly Complete

Note that the fiber optic infrastructure has been installed in approximately 95% of the CMLP service area. Unfortunately, some locations do not have fiber available yet due to issues accessing conduit or lack of conduit in the street. CMLP is working to get the last 5% of our service area connected to the fiber optic network. In some cases, this will require a significant construction effort. This work will be scheduled to coincide with other CMLP construction projects in order to avoid duplication of effort and multiple cuts on the same street.

New Higher Business Speeds – Effective July 12, 2016

CMLP is announcing higher speeds for all our standard Business Internet Service Levels. All existing customers have been upgraded free of charge. CMLP's Business offerings come with a Service Level commitment for hardware replacement that helps ensure that your business will stay up and running. 

Business Speed Increase Numbers

  • Business Entry service which was 25 Mbps is now 50 Mbps
  • Basic was 50 Mbps is up to 100 Mbps
  • Hi-Speed was 100 Mbps is now 200 Mbps
  • Ultra 200 Mbps service is now 300 Mbps

Residential Service Speed Levels

In October 2014, CMLP announced symmetrical service and higher speeds for all our standard Residential Internet Service Levels. Service speeds were increased at no additional cost effective November 12, 2015. Every Residential service level from Concord Light Broadband now meets the Federal Communication Commission's January 2015 Broadband Benchmark (PDF) of 25 Mbps or higher.

Residential Speed Increase Numbers

  • Residential Entry service which was 15 Mbps is now 25 Mbps
  • Basic was 35 Mbps is up to 50 Mbps
  • Hi-Speed was 70 Mbps is now 100 Mbps
  • Ultra 150 Mbps service has been upgraded to 200 Mbps
We thank you for being a Concord Light Broadband customer.