2017 Reporting Requirements

Town Caucus: January 29, 2007
Town Election: March 27, 2007


Normally, this would be January 20, but since that date falls on a weekend, the deadline has been moved up to the following Monday.


The Post Election Report can be considered the final report if candidate has no cash balance, assets, or outstanding liabilities.

The Year-End Report must be filed every year so long as the committee is in existence, or the candidate maintains a campaign fund, has outstanding debts, or is an incumbent elected official.
Schedule E (Disclosure of Assets) should also be filed with the Year-End Report in order for the report to be considered complete.

If a candidate has received no contributions, made no expenditures, incurred no obligations during the reporting period, and does not have a campaign fund in existence, then s/he may find it easier to file form Campaign Finance Report M 102-0 (CPF). The filing deadlines are the same as above, but only a signature is required.

Copies of all forms are available in the Town Clerk's Office. The forms may also be downloaded from the Office of Campaign and Political Finance's website.
Due Date
Period Covered
Year-End Report (for 2016 candidates and incumbents) January 20, 2017* March 22, 2016 through December 31, 2016
Pre-Election Report (for 2017 candidates) 8th day preceding Town Election March 20, 2017 From last report through March 10, 2017
Post Election Report (for 2017 candidates) 30 days following Town Election April 27, 2017 March 11, 2007 through April 17, 2017
Year-End Report (for 2017 candidates and incumbents) January 20, 2018* April 18, 2017 through December 31, 2017