Snow Operations

Salt Brine Application 

The Town of Concord Public Works Department will be utilizing a new, State-of-the-Art Salt Brine application process this winter to enhance the control of icing on targeted roads and sidewalks. Salt brine will be applied by a Concord Public Works truck equipped with a 1000 gallon salt brine tank.
Initially, the use of this salt brine technology will occur on selected main roads and "town center" sidewalks. Some of the advantages of this ice and snow bonding prevention method are to reduce salt use while allowing for a more effective pre-treatment of highways and sidewalks before inclement weather arrives. The salt brine will adhere to the road or sidewalk surface and can be applied several hours or days before a predicted winter storm.

Salt Brine has been successfully used in many areas in the region to improve the safety conditions for motorists and pedestrians and has proven to be very effective in pre-storm planning and treatment. This is primarily due to the method and timing of its application. Salt in its granular form works by creating a brine solution by absorbing moisture from the snow or rain before its effectiveness is realized. Salt brine reduces the reaction time because it's already in liquid form, and is more evenly distributed. Salt brine can also have some residual effect of providing ongoing anti-icing value by remaining on the pavement for several days. The Town of Concord Public Works Department is excited to implement this innovative snow and ice control process as part of its ongoing winter maintenance strategy. Any questions can be directed to Concord Public Works at 978-318-3220.

Winter Sand

Sand is available free of charge to Concord residents only (no contractors please). There are two containers available seasonally next to the sewer pump station on Keyes Road across from the Millbrook Tarry, and another in West Concord in the Rideout Field Parking Lot on Conant Street.
Sand Pouring Out of a Dumpster