Time of Use Rate Metering Options

You have two different metering options to consider for charging your EV using CMLP's Time of Use (TOU) rate, and some special considerations if you have solar or hope to. As a first step, to help you determine the best charging option, consider your family's lifestyle and how quickly you need to charge your EV. You may want or need the flexibility to charge your EV any time, day or night. Or you may want to charge your vehicle as quickly as possible.  

The Time of Use rate is beneficial if you are charging off-peak for at least 50-60% of your usage on that meter because the off-peak rate is lower rate the standard Residential Rate. Please be aware that the TOU rate must be adopted for a minimum of one year.

  • Off-peak charging
    • rate of $0.10866/kWh (includes Capacity, Transmission, and Distribution charges)
    • 10PM until 12PM noon (14 hours), Monday through Friday
    • all weekend hours
    • total of 118 hours a week
  • On-peak charging
    • rate of $0.22461/kWh (includes Capacity, Transmission, and Distribution charges)
    • 12PM noon until 10PM, Monday through Friday
    • total of 50 hours a week

By shifting your electric usage to off-peak hours, you can help reduce CMLP peak demand charges to help keep all customers’ bills lower. Peak demand charges refer to the extra cost for electricity during the times when there is the greatest call for electricity throughout the regional electric grid. During these times, in order to keep up with demand, additional – frequently dirtier and less efficient – power plants come online to add more electricity to the grid. There are extra costs involved in turning on and operating these ‘peaker’ plants, hence the extra cost of electricity during those peak times.

Option 1: Time of Use Rate for EV Charging on Second Meter

Option 1 would keep the entire house on the main meter on the basic residential rate.  In this scenario, you would pay an electrician to install a second meter socket and its wiring runs to charge your EV using CMLP's TOU rate.  The cost to install a higher capacity circuit can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, based on the location of the house panel and the location of the charging outlet.

Option 2: Time of Use Rate for Entire House, Including EV Charging

Option 2 would entail changing out - at no cost to you - your main house meter for a TOU meter.  All household electricity use, including charging your EV, would be subject to electric rates higher than the basic residential rates during 30% of each week (12 noon to 10 pm on weekdays) and lower than the basic residential rates during 70% of each week (10 pm to 12 noon on weekdays and all weekend hours).  

For questions about EV charging, contact Laura Scott at 978-318-3102 or LScott@concordma.gov. Your electrician can contact our electrician, Marty Boermeester, at 978-318-3141, with questions and to meet at your home before or during the job to discuss the work planned.