Solar Panels / Shingles

** Please be aware that Concord residents & businesses will be ineligible for the state's SMART program, which will replace the SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) program.  In order to get SREC payments, new photovoltaic systems must receive CMLP's Approval to Operate email before the SMART program begins.  We anticipate that payback periods will be significantly extended for Concord residents & businesses who install solar panels once the SMART program starts.  We will do our best to get all solar PV interconnection applications processed as quickly as possible before that time.  The state has not set a date for the program transition.  We expect to be given a couple of months' notice for this change.  We will update this page when we hear from the state on the SMART program's start date.  We generally see timelines of 2 months from when we receive the interconnection application from your solar installer to when we issue the approval to operate your solar panels. **

Steps to Installing Solar

Customers frequently ask us about the process for installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on their homes or businesses. For solar PV installations, CMLP offers rebates of $625 per kW(AC) of installed capacity, capped at $3,125. 

Here are the various stages involved in the process.  On average, the time from interconnection application submittal to CMLP before panels are installed to approval from CMLP to operate the PV system after panels are installed is 2 months.

1)  Property owner decides on leasing or buying a system and finds a solar installer
2)  Installer gathers all needed paperwork:
                 a) Residential Interconnection Application or Commercial Interconnection Application
                 b) CMLP Solar PV Rebate Application *
                 c) CMLP Solar PV Rebate Terms & Conditions *
                 d) Residential Net Metering Policy Acknowledgement (not required for Commercial applicants)
                                  For further information on CMLP's net metering rates, please review:
                                  Residential: Residential Net Metering with Banking Rate Schedule 
                                  Commercial: General Service Net Metering Rate Schedule
                 e) Copy of portions of Contract Between Resident or Commercial Entity & System Installer showing:
                                  installer contact information, system size, cost, & signatures *
                 f) Wiring diagram
                 g) Specification Sheets for All Equipment (i.e. Solar PV Panels & Inverters)
                                                                                                                                                 * (if requesting rebate)

3)  All solar paperwork is bundled & sent electronically to Energy New England or by mail to:
                 Concord Rebates
                 c/o Energy New England
                 100 Foxborough Blvd. Suite 110
                 Foxboro MA 02035
4)  CMLP Engineer gives Approval to Install
5)  CMLP Director gives Approval to Install
6)  ENE emails property owner & installer official Approval to Install  [It generally takes 1 week to go from Step 3 to 6]
(Installer must file for separate permits with the Building Department)
7)  Solar PV panels installed on property
8)  Town Electrical Inspector visits site to give approval
9)  CMLP Electrician installs send & receive meter
     (a brief power outage is required; new meter installed next to solar meter; property owner does not need to be on site)
10)  CMLP Engineer gives Approval to Operate (on-site visit not usually needed)
11)  ENE emails property owner & installer official Approval to Operate  [It generally takes 1 week to go from Step 8 to 11]
12)  Property owner begins generating their own power!
13)  Property owner receives one-time check by mail (if rebate check requested rather than on-bill credit)  [This generally takes 4 to 6 weeks]

If you have any questions, please contact:
                 Concord Municipal Light Plant
                 PO Box 1029
                 1175 Elm Street
                 Concord MA 01742
                 ATTN: Pamela Cady
                 (978) 318-3149