Boards & Committees M-S

  1. MAGIC Representative

    Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC) is a regional planning agency. A member of the Select Board represents the Town of Concord.

  2. MAPC Representative

    The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) Representative is appointed by the Town Manager to represent the Town of Concord and its policies

  3. MBTA Representative

    The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Advisory Board (MBTA) Representative is appointed by the Select Board.

  4. MRHS Committee Representative

    The Concord representative is appointed by the Town Moderator. This school district provides vocational technical education to students from the region's 16 towns.

  5. Municipal Light Board

    The Light Board developed the Renewable Energy Strategy and Utility-Scale Solar Strategy to present their current understanding of renewable energy opportunities and considerations, and to recommend a strategy for increasing renewable energy sources within Concord’s energy supply.

  6. Natural Resources Commission

    Natural Resources Commission is responsible for the overall stewardship of the natural resources of the Town, and the establishment of Town environmental policy in conjunction with the Select Board and Town Meeting.

  7. Personnel Board

    The Personnel Board has responsibility for the administration of the Personnel Bylaw of the Town, which applies to all positions except elected officers, employees with personal contracts, employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement, and employees of the school department.

  8. Planning Board

    The Planning Board acts on applications for site plan review and certain special permits pursuant to the Zoning Bylaw. The Board makes recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals for various special permit applications. The Board responds to proposed Zoning Bylaw amendments and presents its recommendations to Town Meeting. The Board regulates the laying out and construction of ways in subdivisions.

  9. Polystyrene Education and Outreach Committee

    Learn more about the Polystyrene Education and Outreach Committee's charge and activity.

  10. Public Ceremonies & Celebrations Committee

    This committee organizes Town events such as Patriots' Day Parade, Honored Citizens, and more.

  11. Public-Private Partnership Study Committee

    The Public-Private Partnership Study Committee's purpose is to explore the issues surrounding public-private partnerships, including the benefits and the drawbacks of such arrangements.

  12. Public Works Commission

    Learn more about the Public Works Commission and their work for Concord.

  13. Records & Archives Committees

    Consists of 5 members appointed by Selectmen to oversee maintenance, storage, etc. of the Town's records and memorable documents.

  14. Recreation Commission

    The Concord Recreation Commission consists of five members appointed by the Town Manager. The Commission provides policy guidance to the Recreation Director regarding programs, policies, operations, and long range planning. Additionally, the commission reviews the Recreation Department's budget, and sets user fees.

  15. Retirement Board

    Find information about retirement board membership, meeting documents, contact information, and additional resources to aid in the retirement process.

  16. School Committee

    The Concord School Committee is comprised of 5 members elected by the Town of Concord. The Concord-Carlisle Regional District School Committee is comprised of 2 Carlisle members in addition to the 5 Concord members.

  17. Select Board

    The Select Board acts as the primary policy-making body for a wide variety of issues, which affect the Town's development and provision of services.

  18. Solar Committee

    Learn about the solar committee; the development of the town with solar alternatives; meeting information; and more.

  19. Solar Sitting Committee

    Find meeting information and meeting documents for the Solar Sitting Committee.