Adams Road

2016 Roadway Improvements

Town Contact for Roadway Related Matters:
Chris Olbrot, PE - Assistant Town Engineer, or Jacob Zwicker, Assistant Public Works Engineer,, Engineering Division 978-318-3210

General Contractor (Roadway work):
Lazaro Paving Corp.

Sub-Contractor (Drainage work):
Fenton and Son Contracting, Inc.

Program Background:
The goal of the Town’s annual roads program is to recommend adequate investment in the Town’s 107 mile roadway network to ensure the network does not deteriorate to a point which would result in more costly periodic repairs. Utility improvement opportunities are also identified and implemented within the roads program when appropriate. This can include drainage replacements or enhancements, water main and sewer main replacements and/or private utility expansions from National Grid (gas main), Verizon (Broadband internet/cable), etc.

Project Overview:
Adams Road is part of the 2016 Roadway Improvements Program bid, which is valued at over $600,000.00. The project is scheduled to reconstruct over 1,000 ft. of  drainage, and 1,800 ft of underdrain.

Adams Road Scope of Work

Work Phase I: Drainage System Improvements Anticipated Schedule: 5/17/2017-5/31/2017
Description: Storm drainage improvements are scheduled to be performed in anticipation of roadway reconstruction. Drainage improvements will consist of replacement of the 7 catch basins, 7 manholes and 3 gutter inlets and approximately 1,000 ft. of drainage pipe. Additionally, the roadway will receive a new underdrain system in order to prevent frost heaving and other pavement deformation due to poorly draining soil conditions.  Please be advised, that all work is scheduled to be within the Town's right of way however many improvements such as installing the catch basins and underdrain will cause impacts to the  lawn areas adjacent to the roadway. It is important to understand that private utilities such as irrigation lines and dog fences are not permitted in the right of way. We urge you to mark out the utility lines in advance and keep them marked for the duration of the project. Every effort will be taken not to damage these utilities however the town will not be held liable should it occur.

Work Phase II: Roadway Improvements Schedule:
6/8/2017-6/21/2017, Spring/Summer of 2018

Scope of Work: The roadway improvements are the second phase of work. Adams Road is scheduled for a reclaim treatment which involves the pulverizing of the existing roadway into a gravel sub-base material, re-grading and compacting this sub-base material, and installing the base course pavement. The roadway improvements outlined above are planned to be completed prior to 2017 winter shut-down. It is anticipated that the final "top course" of pavement will be installed in late spring or early summer of 2018. This will allow for any imperfections in base course to present itself through a freeze/thaw cycle and be repaired. Likewise final improvements next year will include blending driveway aprons (only as necessary), loaming and seeding disturbed areas, and final cleanup.

 Updated 4/20/2018
CPW's contractor, Lazaro Paving will resume work along Adams Road the week of May 30, 2018, to adjust castings and prep roadway for final course of pavement. Final course of pavement will tentatively be installed on the week of May 14, 2018. See the schedule below for more detail.

 Updated 5/21/2018
CPW's contractor, Lazaro Paving completed the installation of the top course of pavement on Adams Road. The remaining work will consist of blending driveway aprons, loam and seed, and final cleanup.
Adams rd pic

Please be advised that the schedules outlined above are tentative and may change without notice as weather delays and other unforeseen circumstances occur.

Road Work Schedule