Committee Events

  1. Dawn Salute

    “Dr. Prescott” arrives at the North Bridge after riding across the fields calling out the warning to towns and villages that the Regulars were on the march and that their destination was Concord.

  2. Honored Citizen Reception

    Each year since 1962, Concord has acknowledged the outstanding efforts of some very dedicated citizens at the Honored Citizen Celebration.

  3. Memorial Day 

    For some, beginning in 1775 and continuing today, responding to the challenge of citizenship has also meant a period of service in the Armed Forces.

  4. Meriam’s Corner Exercise

    This commemoration marks the assembly and actions of militia and minuteman units that arrived at Meriam’s Corner during the British retreat from Concord.

  5. Patriots' Day Parade

    The Patriots' Day Parade is a celebration of our country's birth.

  6. Veterans’ Day Flag Retirement 

    The Flag Retirement Ceremony is traditionally held each year on Veteran’s Day and enables Concordians the opportunity to retire their American Flags in a respectful and appropriate manner.