West Concord Advisory Committee


  • 7:30 p.m.
  • Harvey Wheeler Community Center
    Clock Tower Room
    1276 Main Street

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Committee Members

  • Stephen Irza, Chair
  • Peter Baty, Clerk
  • Jeffrey Collins
  • Donald Detweiler
  • Kathryn Garcia
  • Carlene Hempel
  • Michael Nowicki

Associate Members

  • Peter DeRosa
  • Timothy Alexander

Planning Board Liaison

  • Matt Johnson


The West Concord Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of the Planning Board, was formed pursuant to recommendations from the West Concord Task Force whose work provides the foundation and guiding vision for West Concord Advisory Committee agenda.

Charge for a West Concord Advisory Committee

(September 14, 2011)


It is the intention of the Select Board (BOS), in creating the West Concord Advisory Committee (WCAC), to provide a mechanism for thoughtful and public examination of the issues surrounding future development, growth, and improvement in West Concord Center as defined by the West Concord Village Center Master Plan of 2010. As a Sub-Committee of the Planning Board, the WCAC will have an advisory role with an active focus on West Concord. The WCAC can be a focal point for soliciting input from citizens, business operators, and property owners as appropriate. The WCAC was recommended by the West Concord Task Force (2008), the Village Centers Study (2007) and the Comprehensive Long Range Plan (2005).


The West Concord Village Center Master Plan of 2010 ("Master Plan") is the roadmap for future development in West Concord Center and the primary guide for the WCAC. The WCAC shall promote the vision contained in the Master Plan, along with the West Concord Design Guidelines and town sustainability initiatives, when issues are discussed and development is proposed in West Concord.

The WCAC shall be an advisory committee of the Planning Board and receive some support from the Planning Division. The main roles of the WCAC:
  • Serve as a resource for the Planning Board by providing input to the Board when plans and concepts are proposed for development, renovation, circulation, beautification, and more in West Concord.
  • Study items and provide recommendations as requested by the Planning Board.
  • Serve as a resource for other Town departments, boards and committees that are considering projects in West Concord.
  • Proactively monitor agendas and proposals considered by the Public Works Commission and Concord Public Works to provide timely input on public works initiatives in West Concord.
  • Review the West Concord Master Plan to identify potential projects or concepts for implementation and conduct outreach to residents, business owners and property owners to gauge interest and support for such projects or concepts.
  • Encourage public awareness of projects and initiatives proposed in West Concord.
  • Inform the Planning Board (and other appropriate town officials) of opportunities that may arise for land acquisition and other similar efforts that could further the vision of the West Concord Master Plan.
  • Provide periodic reports to the Planning Board on the relevance of the Master Plan and West Concord Design Guidelines.

Membership Requirements and Expectations

  • 7 members will be appointed by the Planning Board for 3-year terms. Terms will be staggered to ensure continuity: no more than 3 terms will end in any one year and members may be appointed for an additional term. Up to 2 non-voting associate members may be appointed.
  • The WCAC shall hold regularly scheduled monthly meetings, and meet with greater frequency if deemed necessary by the WCAC.
  • At least three voting members shall have a connection to West Concord: resident, property owner, local business operator, or tenant.
  • Members of the WCAC have a responsibility to become familiar with the West Concord Master Plan and the West Concord Design Guidelines.
  • The committee shall include members reflecting a mix of qualifications, skills, and/or expertise such as:
  • Working familiarity with the Zoning Bylaw or other Town regulations.
  • Specific skills: Architecture, planning, site design, engineering, environment and natural resources, sustainability or commercial development
  • General skills: Community outreach, meeting management, communications


The Planning Board shall evaluate the effectiveness of the West Concord Advisory Committee every 2 years to determine the need for the WCAC and provide a recommendation to the Select Board.

Other Considerations

The Committee shall elect a chair and a committee clerk, who will be responsible for maintaining the record of the committee's discussions, votes and actions.

All meetings will be conducted in conformance with the Open Meeting Law including proper notice and posting of meetings, and all records will be maintained in conformance with the Public Record Law.

Requests for staff assistance or operating expenses will be made through the Town Manager who will endeavor to comply with reasonable requests.