1. Abatement Applications

    Real estate and personal property abatement applications for fiscal year 2017 may be filed between January 1, 2017 - February 1, 2017.

  2. Assessment Process Explained

    Find a short dictionary of terms commonly used in mass assessment or appraisal.

  3. Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

    The excise tax bill is always due 30 days from the issue date and must be paid on time.

  4. Recertification Process Explained

    This video provides the general public with an overview of the Bureau of Local Accounts' role with the Triennial Certification process. The video should also be helpful for newly-appointed or elected assessors.

  5. Senior Tax Relief

    Access vital documents such as related senior tax deferrals, additional relief information, and more.

  6. Supplemental Tax Information

    Find informational supplemental tax documents and real estate abatement applications.

  7. Tax Exemption Information

    Discover if any tax exemptions apply to you and how to apply.

  8. Tax Rate History

    The following is a history of tax rates in the Town of Concord currently and for the preceding 5 years.